The Cups All Parents Love!


“Made in the U.S.A.” – These are the words all parents love to hear.  They let us know that the products coming from our country have the stamp of approval from those who live and work here.  It also carries our pride in what we have done and our belief in what we can do.

Your kids—and ours—are the future of our country and come equipped with a can do spirit that leads them through all of their first big accomplishments:  loving, laughing, crawling, walking, talking, and…sipping, from their first cup.

Our kids also have a gift for making a mess out of anything, and learning to drink from a cup is no exception.  So, after extensive research, we have developed a “No-Leak-Valve.”  While learning to sip, kids can turn our cups over, shake them up, or even hold them upside-down, and liquids will not come out.

We have designed a sippy cup that every parent and kid will love!  Maybe for the first time, allowing your kid to drink just like the “big people” do.  Our lively characters will stimulate imaginations and lead kids on to make exciting stories of their own!

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U.S.A. Kids™ cups are made by Capitol Cups, Inc. We are proud of our long heritage of producing high-quality plastic cups for a variety of uses.  Capitol Cups is the designer and manufacturer of the patented spill-proof, reusable, recyclable, insulated beverage cup.  We invite you to visit the Capitol Cups website to see more of our stylish, unique, and eco-friendly cups.